During the COVID-19 outbreak, please adhere to the following guidelines for access to ATAMI:

  • Please see ATAMI's July 1, 2020, Safety Protocol for COVID-19.
  • Please review ATAMI's Health Declaration and Illness Notification for ATAMI-based employees, OSU students and faculty and all visitors. 
  • All people are requested to monitor their temperatures before coming in. If you have a fever report it to your manager or PI. This is an honor based system.
  • Wearing a face mask is required. Masks will be provided by ATAMI if necessary.
  • Wearing PPE gloves are required and will be provided by ATAMI.
  • Wiping down work surfaces, key boards, mouse before the start of work and after work is complete.
  • Social distancing of 6 ft is required.
  • All people should wash their hands regularly.
  • DO NOT come in if you do not feel well or have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, specifically, a fever, dry cough, or difficulty breathing.

New user access to ATAMI and user training on ATAMI equipment remain suspended until current restrictions are eased.

Restrictions will be updated based on guidance from OSU, CDC and national/state/local governments. 

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Linked to: /osu-research-labs

ATAMI is home to OSU College of Engineering faculty labs with a focus on advanced manufacturing processes, methods and materials and to the RAPID Manufacturing Institute. 

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Link to Industry tenants

We collaborate with small and large companies to develop nano and microtechnology solutions, from efficient jet engines to a portable dialysis appliance. Users include biotech, semiconductor, solar, defense and advanced materials companies and universities.